Stheno und Euryale


for harp or for harp with a second, scordated harp [6′]

First performance: 26 February 1997, Munich. Virginie Tarrête

© Sikorski, Hamburg · score: sik 8634

Stheno und Euryale

The title of my harpe piece Stheno und Euryale, composed in 1992, refers to antique mythological figures, the two sisters of the gorgo medusa. The piece forms an integral part of the polyphonic material of my oboe concerto Medusa, but can also be played as an autonomous piece whereas two versions exist. The first one uses two instruments whose second one is tuned in quarter tones, the second version uses only one instrument tuned in the well tempered scale (maintaining the same score material). The piece consists of two miniatures which are organised in a partially retrograde manner: rhythmic structure and morphological material are mirrored, the pitch-organisation is determined by reverse pedal positions.

(Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf)

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