Works for large Orchestra

Dov'è? (2017/18)

for two sopranos, mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass and orchestra [30′]

text: Francesa Albertini

Commissioned by Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

2(2picc, alto fl).2.4(Eb-clar, bass clar, db clar).1(db bn) – 2.1.tenor-bass trbn. tenor horn,0 – 3 perc (bass timp, tgl, crot, claves, whip, guiro, metal guiro, log dr, 3 temple bl, 4 wood bl, 2 mokusho, bass dr, cym, 2 tam-t, 4 tubular bells, vibr, marimba, styropor, large wooden hammer on wooden box [as in Mahler’s Sixth Symphony]). harp. piano/hpd[amplified]/cel/glsp with keys. cymbalom. strings (6/6/6/4/2[5 strings])

First performance: 20 January 2019, Berlin. Neue Vocalsolisten – Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin – Michael Wendeberg (conductor)

© Sikorski, Hamburg · score: sik 8850

humanized void (2003-07)

for large orchestra [34′]

Commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk

4(4 picc, alto fl, bass fl).4(cor anglais).3(Eb clar).3(db bn) – – timp. 3 perc (glass chimes, bamboo chimes, claves, rain stick, ratchet, crot, 4 sets of wood bl, 3 sets of temple bl, log dr, side dr, bass dr, 3 susp.cym, rivet cym, gongs, tubular bells, plate bells, 3 tam-t, glsp, xyl, vibr, marimba, xylorimba, sand bl, large woden hammer on plywood cube, anvil, bronze foil, styropor, thunder stick). harp. cel. strings (24/0/10/8/6)

First performance: 4 April 2008, Munich. Bayerischer Rundfunk Symphony Orchestra – Roland Kluttig (conductor)

© Sikorski, Hamburg · score: sik 8656

CD: NEOS 11417

Prospero’s Epilogue (2004)

for piano and orchestra [33′]

Commissioned by Salzburger Festspiele

3(3 picc).3(cor anglais).4(2 Eb clar, 2 bass clar).3(db bn) – – 3 perc (2 bass timp, crot, guiro, rain stick, maracas, 3 sets of wood bl, glissando dr, bass dr, susp.cym, tam-t, glsp, vibr, marimba/xylorimba, sand bl). 2 harps. guit. cel. strings (8/0/6/4/3)

First performance: 20 August 2005, Salzburg. Sophie-Mayuko Vetter (piano) – Vienna ORF Orchestra – Johannes Kalitzke (conductor)

© Sikorski, Hamburg · score: sik 8677

Ukraine-Triptychon (2022)

for soprano, cimbalom, electric bass guitar and orchestra [31′]

Commissioned by the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra

© Sikorski, Hamburg · score: sik 8916

void – kol ischa asirit

for large orchestra [10′]

Commissioned by Südwestrundfunk

4(4 picc).3.4(bass clar).3(db bn) – – timp. 3-4 perc (crot, whip, metal guiro, 3 mokushos, bak, ratchet, schwirrbogen, wood bl, temple bl, gong dr, side dr, bass dr, cym, gong, tam-t, plate bells, stones, 3 metal objects, sand block, resonance cube with wooden hammer). harp. piano. strings (24/0/10/8/6) – fixed media (two channels)

First performance: 24 November 2012, Stuttgart. SWR Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart – Rupert Huber (conductor)

© Sikorski, Hamburg · score: sik 8698

CD: NEOS 11417

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