Works for large Orchestra

Dov'è? (2017/18)

for two sopranos, mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass and orchestra [30′]

text: Francesa Albertini

Commissioned by Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

2(2picc, alto fl).2.4(Eb-clar, bass clar, db clar).1(db bn) – 2.1.tenor-bass trbn. tenor horn,0 – 3 perc (bass timp, tgl, crot, claves, whip, guiro, metal guiro, log dr, 3 temple bl, 4 wood bl, 2 mokusho, bass dr, cym, 2 tam-t, 4 tubular bells, vibr, marimba, styropor, large wooden hammer on wooden box [as in Mahler’s Sixth Symphony]). harp. piano/hpd[amplified]/cel/glsp with keys. cymbalom. strings (6/6/6/4/2[5 strings])

First performance: 20 January 2019, Berlin. Neue Vocalsolisten – Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin – Michael Wendeberg (conductor)

© Sikorski, Hamburg · score: sik 8850

humanized void (2003-07)

for large orchestra [34′]

Commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk

4(4 picc, alto fl, bass fl).4(cor anglais).3(Eb clar).3(db bn) – – timp. 3 perc (glass chimes, bamboo chimes, claves, rain stick, ratchet, crot, 4 sets of wood bl, 3 sets of temple bl, log dr, side dr, bass dr, 3 susp.cym, rivet cym, gongs, tubular bells, plate bells, 3 tam-t, glsp, xyl, vibr, marimba, xylorimba, sand bl, large woden hammer on plywood cube, anvil, bronze foil, styropor, thunder stick). harp. cel. strings (24/0/10/8/6)

First performance: 4 April 2008, Munich. Bayerischer Rundfunk Symphony Orchestra – Roland Kluttig (conductor)

© Sikorski, Hamburg · score: sik 8656

CD: NEOS 11417

Prospero’s Epilogue (2004)

for piano and orchestra [33′]

Commissioned by Salzburger Festspiele

3(3 picc).3(cor anglais).4(2 Eb clar, 2 bass clar).3(db bn) – – 3 perc (2 bass timp, crot, guiro, rain stick, maracas, 3 sets of wood bl, glissando dr, bass dr, susp.cym, tam-t, glsp, vibr, marimba/xylorimba, sand bl). 2 harps. guit. cel. strings (8/0/6/4/3)

First performance: 20 August 2005, Salzburg. Sophie-Mayuko Vetter (piano) – Vienna ORF Orchestra – Johannes Kalitzke (conductor)

© Sikorski, Hamburg · score: sik 8677

Ukraine-Triptychon (2022)

for soprano, cimbalom, electric bass guitar and orchestra [31′]

Commissioned by the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra

dedicated to the free people of Ukraine

I. Holodomor

II. Der Jüdische Friedhof in Warschau (The Jewish Cemetry of Warsaw)

III. Kubricks Bombe (Kubrick’s Bomb)

3(picc).3.3(bass clar).3(db bn) – – timp. 3 perc – strings (10/8/6/5/4)

First performance: 23 february 2024, Gera, Kyiv Symphony Orchestra – Frauke Aulbert (soprano), Enikö g

Ginzery (cimbalom), Jürgen Ruck (electric bass guitar), Vitalii Protasov (conductor)

© Sikorski, Hamburg · score: sik 8917

void – kol ischa asirit

for large orchestra [10′]

Commissioned by Südwestrundfunk

4(4 picc).3.4(bass clar).3(db bn) – – timp. 3-4 perc (crot, whip, metal guiro, 3 mokushos, bak, ratchet, schwirrbogen, wood bl, temple bl, gong dr, side dr, bass dr, cym, gong, tam-t, plate bells, stones, 3 metal objects, sand block, resonance cube with wooden hammer). harp. piano. strings (24/0/10/8/6) – fixed media (two channels)

First performance: 24 November 2012, Stuttgart. SWR Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart – Rupert Huber (conductor)

© Sikorski, Hamburg · score: sik 8698

CD: NEOS 11417

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